Tow Bar types...

Flange towbars

The most popular tow-bar is the flange type with the bolt on ball. (2 bolt fitting).This offers a range of ball heights, the ability to change the style of tow-ball. For example: pin and jaw, greased ball or a dry Alco stabiliser ball, you can also add a bumper protector, a bike rack or a blade type stabiliser.

Swan neck towbars

The swan neck tow-bar is slightly less obtrusive but is set at a fixed height. It is very neat and is preferred by the Europeans. You do have to remember that most accessories cannot be added to this type of bar.

Detachable towbars

The detachable tow-ball is very neat and extremely unobtrusive when not in use. In fact with a it is very difficult to tell from the rear that it even has a tow-bar.

Al-Ko towbars

EC type approved. Many new caravans are fitted with a stabiliser system built into the caravan hitch. The most popular of these is the AL-KO system. As the hitch is slightly larger than usual more distance is required between the vehicle and the tow-ball, this requires a slightly different ball. A special ball cover is normally required

Al-Ko stablisers


Winterhoff towbar & stabiliser
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