Do you fit tow bars?

Yes 90% of all tow bars are fitted by The Tow Bar Centre. We specialise in custom bars, imports and older vehicles. For new and late model vehicles we recommend approaching your franchise dealer first – if they cannot assist, we will meet your needs.

Could I fit a towbar myself?

We never comment on peoples technical aptitude, however, everything comes with the towbar and tow kit for fitting and wiring. Most vehicles have to be drilled, the interior trim removed for access and some under-seal striped etc. so you must have a reasonable toolkit and wheel ramps. No welding required, but rusty bolts may be encountered.

How long does it take to get a tow bar fitted?

This depends on vehicle type. Typically 2-3 hours. This can be done at our Dorset premises, exact fitting times will be given when you book the vehicle in.

Do you supply Fitting Instructions with the towbar?

Yes, the same instructions as supplied to the professional towbar fitter.

Do you supply a Socket Wiring Diagram with the electric kits?

Yes, socket-wiring instructions are supplied.

What is the difference between Single and Twin Electrics?

The single electrics socket (Black 12N) supplies the tail, brake, fog and indicator electrics for trailers and caravans. Twin electrics include the 12N socket plus a second socket (Grey 12s) this supplies the supplementary electrics required to run the fridge, interior lights and charge the supplementary battery etc. in a caravan or trailer tent.

My vehicle is an automatic; does it require a gearbox cooler to be fitted?

Recommended, if you are towing heavy loads up steep hills regularly.

My motor dealer says my warranty will be invalid unless I fit the manufacturers towbar.

Wrong, 94/20/EC was designed to create free trade. If you fit a Type Approved towbar it will not invalidate the vehicle warranty. Under EC Block Exemption Rules a motor vehicle manufacturer cannot prevent a franchised outlet from supplying or fitting components deemed to be of equal quality to that supplied by the vehicle manufacture - such as a Type Approved towbar.

Can I tow more than it says in the handbook?

No, at The Tow Bar Centre we adhere to the manufacturers ratings only. You can only tow what the load label on the towbar states as maximum, both braked and unbraked.

Why is my tow bar not in stock?

We produce in excess of 400 models. However, due to demand not all models are held in stock. The Tow Bar Centre caters for these by manufacturing to order in a very short lead-time typically 2-3 days.

Do you cut my bumper to fit the tow bar ?

On some models this is required to achieve a good design. It also allows ample ground clearance and safety. This will be discussed with you if your vehicle requires a bumper cut.

What is the towing height?

Typically the towing height is 400mm from the tongue top to the ground. This can vary slightly depending on vehicle suspensions and design.

What credit cards do you take?

We accept all major UK credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard & Switch.

What should I consider when contacting The Tow Bar Centre?

  • Is your vehicle a Japanese import or other import that may need a custom tow bar ?
  • What is the make, model and year or your vehicle ?
  • Is your vehicle 4WD or 2WD ?
  • What do you want to tow ?
  • Is you car a commercial or standard vehicle ?
  • Are you prepared to have the tow bar fitted at our Poole, Dorset premises ?
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